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Hotel info

Contact information

  • Hotel Sointula operates as a self service hotel, so there is no reception.
  • The staff can be reached by phone from 8 am to 9 pm.
  • Phone +358 (0)400 517 998.
  •, email:
  • The address of the Hotel Sointula is Koulutie 5, 35300 Orivesi, Finland.


  • Orivesi is in the heart of Finland, with excellent transportation links.
  • The Hotel Sointula is situated in the courtyard of the Kampus of Orivesi, next to a green park area.
  • There is lots of free parking in the courtyard.
  • The services of Orivesi´s center are only a few minutes´walk away.

Room reservations

  • Room reservations are made through the reservation system of Hotel Sointula ( or
  • The reservation is confirmed by entering the bank/credit card information into the reservation system and the accommodation is charged from the card after the accommodation. A confirmation of the reservation will be sent to your email.
  • Rooms can also be booked by email and phone. On the same day accommodation can only booked by phone, an invoicing supplement is added. A reservation made by phone will be confirmed if requested separately.
  • The billing supplement is 5,00 €.


  • Cancellations are free of charge if made at least one day before arrival.
  • Reservations made through Hotels Sointula´s own reservation system or by phone must be cancelled by phone to the hotel.
  • Reservations made through the reservation system must be cancelled by the customer himself through

Arrival at the hotel

  • Hotel Sointula operates on a self service basis, i.e. there is no reception in the hotel. The arrival time is free after 3 pm and you have to leave your room by 12 noon on the day of departure.
  • On the day of arrival, you will receive arrival instructions via text message to your phone. The message contains the code for the key locker, where you can get the key to your room.
  • If you need help, contact the hotel by phone.

Room for meals

  • There is room for your own meals downstairs. Let´s keep the room neat together!
  • Hotel guests can store their own refridgerator items in the fridge, please take them with you when you leave.

Keys and payment

  • At the end of the stay, the keys must be left in the room.
  • Reservations made through the reservation system are charged through the system to the customer´s card at the end of the stay.
  • Invoices for reservations made by phone and email are sent at the end of the stay

Extra bed

  • You can get an extra bed for a child in the double room on the ground floor, the extra bed is charged separately.

Allergy rooms

  • Hotel Sointula has allergy rooms, please mention this when making a reservation


  • Pets are welcome, but let us know about your pet in advance so that we can reserve a suitable room for you. A pet´s stay is charged separately.


  • Groups (more than 15 people) can inquire separately about breakfast when booking. In this case, breakfast is offered in the main bulding of the Kampus of Orivesi in the Restaurant Wanha Opisto.
  • You can also inquire about other group meals and catering services at Hotel Sointula

Services in the center of Orivesi

  • There are electric car charging points on the parking areas of grocery stores:
    • Lidl, Kääjäntie 5
    • K-Supermarket, Aihtiantie 10
    • S-Market, Keskustie 36
  • Restaurants and cafes
    • Restaurant Vallesmanni, Keskustie 26
    • Restaurant Cantina Fiesta, Keskustie 40
    • Restaurant Santa Sun Thai, Kenkäkuja 1
    • Restaurant Kotipizza Orivesi, Aihtiantie 4
    • Cafe Herkkuhetki, Anttilantie 6
    • Service station Shell Helmisimpukka Orivesi, Ruovedentie 1
  • Hotel Sointula is close to Orivesi City swimming hall and in a walking distance to Kirkkolahti´s beach
  • The Hotel Sointula is located next to a large park area, thre are good outdoor trails and several gyms nearby, such:
    • Kuntokeskus Kuntokuume, Koulutie 15
    • Origym, Keskustie 30
    • Punttis M&M, Vainiontie 5